Larger projects require experienced professionals with access to the most suitable equipment for each unique job.  We provide environmental support to property developers and managers, using the best machinery for the task and fully insured arborists to supervise all land clearing and remedial projects.

Types of contracts for property management

  1. Ongoing tree pruning and vegetation clearing in order to maintain safety, views, and light to building occupants, with an annual fee. We will take responsibility for ensuring the work is done when it needs to be done.  The annual fee may be paid quarterly or monthly.
  2. Regular pruning and clearing of common areas according to an agreed plan. Each visit to the site is billed according to the time taken and nature of the work completed.  An hourly rate is agreed to, at the time of assessing the maintenance required for the contract.

A special discounted rate may be offered to property managers who want to manage the jobs independently, but call upon our services at least once a month.  Call our office to discuss your property portfolio needs.

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