Tree lopping or removal where arborists are in proximity to high voltage power lines requires specific qualifications by government departments.  Our arborists have all the qualifications required for the most complex tasks required by government, and are covered by comprehensive public liability insurance.

Make sure your arborist is qualified

We are more than qualified!

High voltage wires

Working close to high voltage wires is clearly dangerous, and the government have stringent rules about how these jobs are to be managed.

Our arborists have every qualification ticket and certificate required by our government to undertake such work.  We also have comprehensive public liability insurance to ensure our workers are protected, as well as your property.

Proximity to Train Lines

Train corridors and high voltage wires go hand in hand.

Government regulations regarding safety and how tree pruning or removal jobs in these train corridors may be undertaken, are strictly adhered to by all our arborists.  Only adequately qualified personnel are permitted to attend such jobs.

And of course, we have comprehensive public liability insurance to cover all eventualities.

Roads and Traffic

Local and State governments have a responsibility to keep our roads safe.  Although everyone loves the look of trees on the side of the road, a reasonable amount of maintenance is required to ensure the safety of road and footpath users, as well as clear access for our utilities.

Our arborists are qualified and experienced in working on the roadside, safely.  We plan our jobs to minimise disruption and risk to passing traffic.