Contract Work

Regular pruning and garden maintenance contracts are our speciality.

There’s nothing better than knowing the responsibility for maintenance is in the hands of competent professionals.  You can go about your life doing the things you’d rather be doing, and have peace that your home garden environment will always be safe and well maintained.

Contracts are flexible, negotiated according to the specific needs of each client.  If you are not satisfied with our work, you can cancel your contract at any time.

Quote and Go

Call us for a quote, and get jobs done as the need arises.

Qualified and experienced arborists will attend to all your tree pruning and removal needs.  We will clean up after the job, and leave you with nothing but a tidy yard and a pile of mulch, if you so desire.

Our qualified arborists are able to advise, plan the job according to safety requirements and all our work is covered by insurance.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed, whether you are a one-off client or a regular.

Tree Reports

Sometimes a professional assessment of the situation is required before any tree surgery may be commenced.  A planned  development, damage to a tree after a storm, suspected disease or dying of a tree are all good reasons to get a professional assessment done.

We love our trees, and prefer to keep our beautiful city green and treed.  Saving trees is as much our business as removing them.  And we consider the ongoing health of our flora as important as the safety of our lovely, green urban environment.